Coordination And Survey Of The IIBCRI Team To Yogyakarta In The Downstreaming Activities Of BL50 Cocoa Superior Varieties

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The research team of the Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI) consisting of Ir. Edi Wardiana, M.Si, Eko Heri Purwanto, M, Sc and Dr. Kurnia Dewi Sasmita MP, visited BPTP Yogyakarta, the Department of Agriculture and Plantation of Gunung Kidul and several locations for cocoa farmers in Bantul and Gunung Kidul areas. This visit was in the context of coordination and location surveys for technology downstream activities and BL50 cocoa varieties (7-8 / 4/21).

The visit of the Research and Development Research Team to BPPTP on April 7, 2021 was received by the Head of the Yogyakarta BPTP Center, Dr. Soeharsono S.Pt, MS and agronomic researchers Sutardi SP, M, Si, to explore collaborative activities on technology downstreaming and BL 50 cacao varieties, followed by a survey to IP2TP BPTP Yogyakarta, the location of cocoa farms owned by farmers in Dlingo (Bantul), Plosokerep (Gunung Kidul). ) and Bunder (Gunung Kidul). On April 8, 2021, the Research Team of Balittri and BPTP Yogyakarta conducted a visit to the Agriculture and Horticulture Office, Gunung Kidul and held a discussion with Ir. Budi Sudartanto as the Head of Horticulture and Gunung Kidul Plantation continued with a survey of the location of the candidate BL 50 orchard garden in Wonosari, Gunung Kidul.

According to the grand design, the cocoa area in DIY is focused on two areas, namely Kulon Progo (3,585 Ha) and Gunung Kidul (1,421 Ha). Post-harvest cocoa in Gunung Kidul has advanced with several centers for processing cocoa into chocolate and as a tourist icon, but still requires support for cultivation. Rehabilitation needs to be carried out in Gunung Kidul farmers’ gardens either by side grafting or seed grafting with superior cocoa varieties. Gunung Kidul cocoa farmers are very interested in the BL50 cocoa variety that has been released by Balittri in collaboration with the West Sumatra Regional Government because the potential for production can reach 3.69 tonnes / ha / year so that it requires more information about the variety through leaflets, brochures and technical guidance.

There are no certified cocoa seed breeders in Gunung Kidul due to difficulties in certifying cocoa seed breeders and cocoa seed farms. Therefore, it is very necessary for researchers who understand the certification of seeds / seed gardens and escort from Balittri to build a seed garden to produce certified cocoa seeds in Gunung Kidul. The follow-up of this activity was the construction of a BL50 cacao plantation candidate on the land of the Gunung Kidul Agriculture and Plantation Service, which was supported and assisted technically by the Research and Extension Team of BPTP Yogyakarta and the Research Institute for Industrial and Freshener Plants, Sukabumi.

In addition to the two activities above, a location survey and farmer cooperator discussions were also carried out for collaborative research on the effect of mycorrhizal fungi and biological fertilizers to anticipate drought stress on cocoa plants. Candidates for locations that have been successfully identified are Plosokerep Hamlet and Gambiran Hamlet, Bunder Village, Patuk District, Gunungkidul Regency. (Anjas)

Source: Indonesian Research Institute for Industrial Plants and Freshener (Balittri)

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