Coordination And Investigation Of Coffee-Lada RPIK Activities

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI) as one of the R&D institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture, actively participates in the Collaborative Innovation Development Research (RPIK) for pepper and Robusta coffee. which took place in Sukabumi and Lampung for 5 days from 25-29 May 2021. Activities in the form of coordination and survey of pepper and Robusta coffee planting locations . The Head of IIBCRI Dr. Tri Joko Santoso, SP., M.Sc. and researchers from IIBCRI, among others, Nur Kholilatul Izzah, SP. MP, Ph.D., Ir. Saefudin, Sakiroh SP, M.Sc. and Drs. M. Laba Udarno TS.
The event began with prior coordination with the Bappeda of Lampung Province to carry out RPIK Lada activities in Tanggamus District, namely Air Naningan District and Pulau Panggung District. Then a field survey was conducted in Pulau Panggung sub-district, which began with coordination at the Agricultural Extension Center (BPP) which was attended by the Regent Hj. Dewi Handajani, SE, MM., Head of Service, Dean of UNILA and PPL.
The Regent of Tanggamus stated that the plantation area in Tanggamus is 81,874 hectares, of which Robusta coffee is the main crop, with an area of 41,270 hectares and a yield of 34,129 tons/year, while pepper commodities cover an area of 7,859 hectares with a yield of 3,483 tons/year. In this case, Tanggamus Regency is the second largest coffee and pepper producing area in Lampung Province, after East Lampung Regency, where Air Naningan is one of the largest pepper production centers in Tanggamus Regency. Subsequently, a field survey was conducted on monoculture pepper plantations and intercropping pepper and Robusta coffee in Kec. Stage Island.
Field survey activities in Kec. On Panggung Island, Batu Bedir area, there are monoculture peppers and many are attacked by plant diseases, so the population is reduced. Then in the district. Air Naningan conducted field surveys of pepper and Robusta coffee, pepper pilot sites and monoculture pepper seeds.
Finally, coordination was carried out with members of the Karya Makmur Pekon farmer group Sido Mulyo for mapping the area that would be used as a demonstration for the rehabilitation of Pepper with Robusta Coffee. In this meeting, training on land mapping with the avenza program was also carried out, preparing CPCL (prospective land farmers), knowing the constraints of pepper and coffee farmers, and planting activities in pepper and coffee RPIK. Then proceed with a survey for a demonstration plot of Pepper and coffee covering an area of 1 ha. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Industrial and Refreshing Crops (IIBCRI)

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