Consortium Of Biological Agents To Control Root Rot Disease Of Pepper Stems

Artikel Lada Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS INFO РThe application of B. cepacia biological agent products can be applied to nurseries (pepper seeds), so that when planted in the field, this biological agent is already present in the roots of the pepper as protection against pathogens. Application with 10 ml / liter of this biological agent can also be done at the beginning of planting by sprinkling it around the pepper plant.

The presence of rhiobacteria in the rhizosphere is expected to continue to produce secondary metabolites, so that the pathogen P. capsici as the cause of stem rot disease cannot infect the roots of pepper. (Anjas)

Details can be listened to at the following link: Consortium of Biological Agents to Control Root Rot of Pepper Stems

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