DPD RI Committee I: Eucalyptus Research Must Be Continued

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BOGOR, PUSLITBANGBUN- Eucalyptus research must be continued by the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan), because this is an important finding for the Indonesian people. This was conveyed by the Deputy Chairperson of the Committee I of the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) Dr. Abdul Kholik, SH., M.Sc. at his residence on Friday, July 10, 2020. We know that this epidemic is spreading rapidly, and the drugs / vaccines do not yet exist. Therefore any findings related to overcoming Covid 19 are urgently needed now, including Eucalyptus, he said.

Kholik further said, what was more important was the finding was the solution to a problem. The big problem that we are facing is not only on health, but also on the economy, even this nation can be bothered with this virus. The Ministry of Agriculture must move forward, we will raise it in the DPD RI forum later, he added.

“I am among those who have high hopes for this finding to produce products that can overcome the virus outbreak. As much as his contribution to overcome this outbreak, continued and sought more products to deal with this virus. Therefore this research must still be continued by the Ministry of Agriculture, whether the scheme remains collaborative, other Ministries / Institutions are not a problem “, he said.

The MoU of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture with the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), he welcomed to be more convincing to the public. Because IDI is a professional organization related to medicine, and has responsibilities related to Covid 19. “I think IDI is more relevant to be able to help clear it to the community,” he concluded.

DPD RI has a program to develop regional potential, it is expected to work together with the Ministry of Agriculture. He hoped the Ministry of Research and Development’s research results that could be synergized with the regions later, he concluded.

On a separate occasion, the Head of the AIndonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture (IAARD) Dr. Fadjry Djufry said that this Eucalyptus product is an aromatherapy accessories product based on Eucalyptus oil sp. and designed with nanotechnology in powder form and packaged in a porous bag. This product releases a slow release scent so that it functions as aromatherapy for a certain period of time. Its use can be done by inhaling the aroma that comes out of the package, or by inhaling directly from the holes of the packaging. So the principle works almost the same as our habit of rubbing oil in the chest to relieve breathing. But now it is more practical, modern, fashionable in the form of a necklace, so that anywhere, anytime, we can breathe in the aroma, Fadjry explained.

The Head of IAARD also appreciated various parties including the DPD RI who supported the Eucalyptus research and would continue to synergize with the Ministry of Agriculture related to the results of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Research and Development Research Ministry in the potential development program in the regions. We welcome the desire for the benefit of the nation, he said. (Anjas)

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