Commission IV DPR RI Appreciates And Supports The Results Of Technological Innovation Of IAARD

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Commission IV DPR RI Working Visit (Kunker), Saturday-Sunday 10-11 April 2021 during the IV Session Recess Period 2020-2021 Session Year to North Sulawesi Province attended by 16 members of Commission IV DPR RI and led by Drs. Hasan Aminuddin, M.Si (Deputy Chairman of Commission IV DPR RI). The aim of the Kunker is to find out and directly observe the various problems faced by the Commission IV DPR RI Working Partners in the regions, especially related to the available facilities and infrastructure, namely the Palma Plant Research Institute, Kab. North Minahasa, Inspection of Bitung Bulog Warehouse, Agricultural Quarantine Center for Bitung Sea Port Work Area and inspection of Bitung Ocean Fishery Port.

Present to accompany the Head Office and Members of the House of Representatives Commission IV were the Head of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (Dr. Fadjry Djufry), the Head of the Agricultural Quarantine Agency (Ali Jamil, Ph.D), the Director General for Supervision of Marine and Fisheries Resources (Dr. Agus Suherman), the Business Director Bulog (Febby Novita), Head of ICECRD (Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D), and Echelon II staff in the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Head of North Sulawesi Provincial Service and Head of UPT within the Ministry of Agriculture in the North Sulawesi region.

Dr. Fadjry Djufry, in his speech at the Mapanget Coconut Plantation of IPCRI, emphasized that almost all types of coconut in Indonesia are in IPCRI. Currently IAARD through Balit Palma is developing and selecting superior coconut plants that have characteristics of fast fruiting, slow growing and long life.

Some of the national superior coconut collections of Balit Palma that have existed include: Early Yellow Nias, Early Yellow Bali, Fast Salak, Early King, Indonesian Hybrid Coconut (KHINA 1,2 and 3), Coconut Dalam Molowahu (Gorontalo), Coconut Dalam Adonara (NTT ), Kelapa Bual ST-1 (Central Sulawesi), Kopyor Pati, Coconut Puan Kalianda Lampung, Kelapa Dalam Sri Gemilang from Indra Giri Hilir Riau, Kelapa Bido Morotai North Maluku, and Quickly Entog Kebumen.

The head of the IAARD further said that coconut is a tree of life, all parts of the coconut plant can be utilized and have high economic value starting from the roots, trees, meat, coir, shells, fronds and coconut leaves. Currently, the main problem of national coconut is the aging of the plants that are scattered in Indonesia, so that serious efforts are needed to rejuvenate, on the other hand, the availability of quality coconut seeds / seedlings is very limited. For this reason, Fadjry encourages IPCRI to develop and moderate tissue culture technology to mass produce coconut seedlings, hopefully in 2022-2023 it will be successful.

Hasan Aminuddin, on the same occasion expressed his appreciation to the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development and is committed to supporting every work of the nation’s children through technological innovation, especially coconut.

Commission IV DPR RI has the same passion in supporting the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, for that the results of research and innovation of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency can be spread all over the country from Sabang to Merauke, so that the future generations of the Nation will be proud of these products. the work of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency in an effort to increase the independence and welfare of the community. (Tedy)

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