Advantages And Potentials Of F1 Rate Curly Chili Peppers As Intercrops Between Immature Coconuts

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – The planting of intercrops between immature coconuts (TBM) is very profitable because it is a source of livelihood for farmers while waiting for the main crops to produce coconuts (until the age of 5 – 6 years on inner coconut). Besides that, the garden is better maintained and fertilizers that are not absorbed by the intercrops can be absorbed by the coconut to stimulate the growth and yield of the coconut.

The area of ​​land between the TBM coconuts that can be used for intercropping is very potential, which is about 80 percent, especially sunlight with a sustainable annual cropping pattern so that it is possible to cultivate various intercrops that are economically correct and permanent so as not to harm the main crop or crop. interrupt.

The results showed that the F1 rate of curly chili production in the meter length of fruit, fruit diameter, weight per fruit and yield (ton ha-1) among immature coconuts aged 3 years was quite high. Average fruit length (cm), fruit diameter (cm) and weight per fruit (g) of curly chilies of variety F1 rates at various spacing systems between coconuts have not yet produced, are generally stable and optimal and feasible to be recommended in the use of plants as plants between coconuts in Immature. (Anjas)

More info Download full text : Info Tekbun 12 (9) 2020 


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