Food Security During A Pandemic

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – An important aspect of food security that the government needs to improve is food stability, especially the aspect of maintenance, so that irrigated agricultural land is not increasingly converted to non-agricultural uses. At the same time, to increase the use of food, it is necessary to disseminate information or disseminate information on the importance of eating nutritious food for everyone to the community through various media. In a pandemic, as long as the agricultural sector can maintain growth, Covid-19 will not interfere with access to and use of food.

The empirical results also show that during the Covid-19 recession, the decline in economic growth was not a determining factor for food stability. Further research is still needed to obtain more in-depth information on food security at the household level.

Further research is: 1) In accordance with the category of food insecurity level, conduct research on food security at the regional level to determine precisely what aspects of food security need to be improved. 2) At the family level, research also requires four aspects of food security divided based on research objects according to region (urban and rural households), by economic class (poor and rich), and by economic sector (agricultural households, laborers and workers). (ANJAS)


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