Phenotypic and Genotypic Variabilities among Kopyor Dwarf Coconut Varieties Originated from Pati Central Java

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Kopyor dwarf coconuts are mutants from Pati, Central Java having high economic values. However, morphological and genetic diversities of this coconut were still limited. Morphological and genetic diversity data are needed for breeding program.

The research objectives were to evaluate intra  and  inter-specific  diversity  based  on  morphology,  endosperm quantity, and SSR alleles. Field evaluations were conducted in Pati while laboratory  activities  were   at  Plant  Molecular  Biology   Laboratory, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, IPB. Three populations of kopyor dwarf  varieties (brown, green, and yellow) were evaluated. Thirty trees were sampled for each population. The average of morphological data were used to construct cluster analysis. Endosperm quantity was scored (0 ± 9) based on a single nut sample. Ten palms were analyzed using five SSR loci for each population and used to determine genetic diversity of populations. Results of observations indicated intra-variety morphological and SSR allele variations among kopyor dwarf was low. However, inter-variety variations were high. The endosperm quantity scores among kopyor dwarf coconut ranged from 1±6. The low intra-variety and high inter-variety variations among the three kopyor dwarf coconut supported their release as different local varieties. Moreover, the low intra-variety phenotypic and genotypic diversities among  kopyor brown, green, and yellow dwarf coconut support their use as parents for new and superior kopyor coconut variety development in the future. For such purpose, however, it is necessary to conduct intra-variety selection to identify desirable parents based on high kopyor fruit percentage per bunch and for high kopyor endosperm quantity.
Key words:  Morphological diversity, intra and inter variety diversities, quantity, endosperm

download fulltext : perkebunan_01.-Ismail-Maskromo1.pdf

Link : Jurnal Littri ICECRD Vol. 21 No. 1, 2015

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