Koerintji Performance, Superior Cinnamon From Jambi

Artikel Kayumanis Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – According to Law No. 12 of 1992, circulating seeds must come from fostered seeds or released by the Minister of Agriculture. The Provincial Plantation Service and Balittro also work together to carry out observations and explorations, BPT selection, as well as parent tree selection to produce foster seeds through the release of varieties. As a result, the superior variety of Cinnamomum burmanii was approved for release under the name Kayumanis Koerintji in 2019.

Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, is one of the best Cnnamomum burmanii cinnamon producing areas in Indonesia. In 2018, the planted area reached 46,132 ha with a production of 56,253 tons, an increase of about 3 thousand tons from the previous year.

Most of the plants developed are derived from parent trees in Kerinci Regency. The spread of cinnamon from this area and its descendants has spread to other areas since the days of the Dutch East Indies.

Law No. 12 of 1992 explains that circulating seeds must come from fostered seeds or have been released by the Minister of Agriculture. Legality is important to ensure the quality of seeds for consumers. The guarantee provided includes a clear genotype identity based on morphological characteristics, yield, and quality.

The Jambi Provincial Government through the Provincial Plantation Service also collaborated with Balittro to conduct observations/explorations, selection of High Yielding Blocks (BPT), and selection of parent trees from 2016-2018 on cinnamon populations from Air Betung Village, Central Lempur, and Perikan Tengah to produce seed development through the release of varieties.

According to observations, cinnamon plantations in Lempur Tengah Village, Perikan Tengah Village, and Air Betung showed good performance, free from pest attacks, and large tree sizes. In terms of agro-climate, these three villages also meet the requirements for cinnamon cultivation in general. The three of them have also been designated by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia as BPT and Cinnamon Selected Parent Tree.

There were 20 best mother trees selected in Lempur Tengah Village, 15 trees from Perikan Tengah Village, and 20 trees from Air Betung Village. These trees have a wide cylindrical conical crown, the trunk divides up to 7-15 branches/trees, upright habitus, high branching, elongated leaf shape, smooth smooth leaf surface, and flat leaf edges with yellowish green leaf base color.

Meanwhile, the flowers have a series type in the form of panicles with a length of 11.5-12.25 cm and a width of 10.5-11.66 cm. The shape is a goblet and rosette, while the color of the crown is white and yellow with a star-like shape. The fruit is oval in shape, green when young and bluish black when ripe. The potential production of these 55 parent trees is around 29.24-69.37 grains/tree.

In terms of the essential oil content of the bark, the selected parent tree has a higher yield than the surrounding trees, reaching 1.29-3.57%. The cinnamaldehyde content is also very high, around 91.88-94.19%, far exceeding the comparison tree of 76.08-87.02% and the SNI standard of 50%.

Cinnamon from this mother tree is also superior in terms of the wet weight of the bark which reaches 80 kg/tree. Whereas the standard set by the Ministry of Agriculture is only 20 kg/tree. The reason is that this mother tree is bigger and stronger than the surrounding trees so that it can absorb nutrients optimally.

A total of 55 selected mother trees are the best cinnamon in Jambi Province. The derivative seeds have spread to various areas in Jambi and are able to grow and produce well in the new production center so the Ministry of Agriculture agreed to release it as a superior variety under the name Kayumanis Koerintji. (Anjas)

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