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PUSLITBANGBUN ACTIVITIES – Head of Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. officially opened the Coconut Online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) through a zoom meeting on September 2, 2020. The event was held by one of the UPT Puslitbangbun namely the Manado Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (IPCRI) which also coincided with World Coconut Day (Coconut Day). celebrated every September 2 every year.

The Head of ICECRD in his speech said that our coconut milk is currently a topic of discussion at the national and international levels. Why do we need to raise it in the FGD today, also related to World Coconut Day, to follow up on the latest developments in coconut milk in Indonesia. It is hoped that suggestions and input from coconut experts and FGD participants, so that the direction and expectations of coconut oil in Indonesia will be right on target. What stakeholders need will be fulfilled with this FGD.

One of the goals of this FGD is that ICECRD opens itself to collaborate with partners who are present, both from universities, agencies, and private sector, so that the title or final result of research activities will later get the expected results and downstream the resulting products, said Syafaruddin. This FGD was also attended by Executive Director of the International Coconut Community (ICC) Ir. Jelfina C. Alouw, M.Sc, Ph.D., Is also expected to be able to provide input on coconut milk in the future, he added.

The moderator for this coconut FGD was the Head of IPCRI Dr. Ir. Ismail Maskromo, M.Si and Prof. Dr. Ir. Novarianto Hengky, MS. with a presentation entitled “DIRECTIONS AND EXPECTATIONS OF FUTURE COCONUT RESEARCH,” he explained about the mandate of Balit Palma and the development and innovation status of Balit Palma until 2020, especially in the fields of germplasm, cultivation technology, pest control and post-harvest and future management. The focus of research on IPCRI for the next 5 years includes 1) Accelerating the assembly of new types of superior varieties, 2) Accelerating the development of Coconut Plantation, 3) Mass propagation of palm trees, 4) Producing efficient and sustainable palm cultivation technology, 5) Pest control and environmentally friendly integrated diseases, and 6) Processing of functional food products, bioenergy, and bio materials.

The event was then continued with a session to listen to the responses and input of stakeholders for future coconut research and development. Problems, opportunities, suggestions, input, and hopes were conveyed by 1) Regent Indra Giri Hilir Drs. HM Wardan, MP, 2) National Research Council Mr. Ir. Utama Kajo from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, 3) Har Adi Basri from Dekindo, M.Ec, Ph.D (Indonesian Coconut Council), 4) PT Malisya Sejahtera, Dr. Ir. David Allolerung, MS, 5) Dr. Rustam Akuba, 6) Head of the Prov. Gorontalo Dr. Muljady D. Mario, 7) Coconut shell briquette charcoal entrepreneur, Asep Jembar Mulyana CEO of PT TOM Cococha Indonesia, 8) Arnold C. Turang, SP extension and public relations from BPTP North Sulawesi 9) Academics from Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto, Prof. Sisunandar, Ph.D, and 10) Executive Director of ICC, Ir. Jelfina C. Alouw, MSc, Ph.D.

The results of the FGD in the form of the formulation showed that coconut is a strategic commodity that involves farmers and stakeholders and contributes to state income. IPCRI as one of the UPTs under the ICECRD, IAARD is expected to produce a breakthrough through a research program to answer current and actual issues in the coconut field to produce products that are competitive, environmentally friendly so that business actors get a balanced profit because future market demand is increasingly increase. In addition, it needs support from the government, in this case the Ministry of Agriculture in the coconut research and development program, so that IPCRI as a Center for Excellence in Science and Technology (PUI) for coconut as a center for scientific innovation can provide technological innovation,

This online coconut FGD was attended by 250 participants at the zoom meeting and 95 participants on the Youtube channel. Also attending were Regent of Indragiri Hilir, Mr. Muhammad Wardan, General Chairperson of the National Peragi, Mr. Prof. M. Andi Syakir, From Dekindo Mr. Har Adi Basri, Mr. Utama Kajo from the National Research Council, Dr. David Alolerung (Former Head of Balitka and Head of Research and Development Center), Dr. Rusthamrin Haris Akuba (Former Balitka researcher / Director of Gorontalo State Polytechnic), Dr. Muljady Mario (Head of Gorontalo Province Agriculture Office), Prof. Sisunandar Sudarma (UMP), Asep Jembar Mulyana (President director of PT. TOM Cocoha Indonesia), Arnold Turang (BPTP Balitbangtan North Sulawesi) and Ir. Jelfina Alouw, M.Sc, Ph.D (Executive Director of the International Coconut Community) as well as partners and other stakeholders who have provided interactive criticism, suggestions and input,

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Source: Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (IPCRI)

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