Head Of ICECRD Appreciates The Implementation Of International Training On Coconut Development By IPCRI

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Head of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) IAARD, Ministry of Agriculture, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. appreciate the implementation of international training on coconut development. The online training organized by the Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (IPCRI) was considered “cool and successful”, where the training started from upstream to downstream by coconut experts from IPCRI.

This was conveyed by the Head of the ICECRD in his remarks at the closing of the international online training “Coconut Development in Timor Leste”, a collaboration between the Non-Aligned Movement-Center for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM-CSSTC), Balit Palma Balitbangtan, and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia. (KBRI) in Dili, Timor Leste (31/5/2021)..

The Head of the ICECRD hopes that one day after the pandemic ends, a visit by IPCRI coconut experts to Timor Leste, or vice versa from Timor Leste can see firsthand the condition of coconut in Indonesia, said Head of ICECRD Hopefully this cooperation will strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, more specifically in the coconut sector, he hoped. Thank you, “Obrigada”, Greetings Coconut, Go Coconut, closed Syafaruddin.

This training was conducted for 8 hours guided by Meity Tulalo, MP. , researcher on Breeding and Germplasm of IPCRI.

First remarks by Plt. Director of NAM-CSSTC Ambassador Diar Nubrintoro said “the training is a follow-up to the conversation in 2020 between the Indonesian Embassy, ​​the NAM Center, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Timor-Leste”.

The second speech by Ir. Fernando Egidio Amaral, he is the National Director of Agribusiness and Private Sector Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste who said “In order for Timor-Leste to be equipped, especially knowledge from upstream on farm and downstream, which will become the backbone for realizing The recovery plan is a priority after Covid-19.

Opening speech by Ambassador Sahat Sitorus, Head of the Indonesian Representative Office in Dili. He greeted “Bondia”, in Portuguese which means Good Morning. The issues discussed will be very interesting, the improvement of the people’s economy in collaboration with Indonesia is open to establishing international cooperation. Since the diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Timor Leste in 2002. Bilateral relations continue to develop, nature, strong and forward looking. Economic, political, socio-cultural, technical cooperation, south-south cooperation. The visit of the President of Timor Leste in 2018 to Indonesia met with President Jokowi. As a trusted partner, development, achieves Timor Leste’s ideals, namely the strategic timor plan, Upple middle country.

The first training session in the field of Coconut Breeding and Germplasm, which was guided by moderator Ir. Jeanette Kumaunang, MSc . featuring key experts in the field of breeding and germplasm, Prof. Hengky Novarianto . The material presented was related to the introduction of coconut types and the development of mother gardens.

The second session on Coconut Cultivation was delivered by Yulianus R. Matana, MSi related to the improvement of coconut cultivation technology, and M. Nur, MSi who presented an explanation of plant integration, intercropping/coconut farming systems. The discussion was moderated by Engelbert Manaroinsong, MSi .

The third session was followed by a presentation on the main methods of controlling coconut pests by Prof. Meldy LA Hosang , and continued by Rahma, MSi, the method of controlling the main coconut disease , moderated by Dr. Novalisa Lumentut .

The fourth (last) session was presented by four speakers, namely from the Postharvest sector by Ir. Rindengan Barlina, MS . who brought the development of post-harvest coconut products (VCO and Coconut Sugar), Dr. Patrik Pasang who brought cooking oil and coconut by-products, such as shell charcoal. Socio-Economic Sector related to “Coconut Product Marketing Strategy in Timor Leste” which was presented by Dr. Asthutiirundu , and finally delivered by the Head of Balit Palma Dr. Ismail Maskromo regarding “Coconut Development Strategy in Timor Leste”. This last session was moderated by postharvest researcher Adhitya Y. Pradhana, MSi .

The event was also attended by the Coordinator for Cooperation and Utilization of Research Results (KSPHP) of the ICECRD, Dr. Tedy Dirhamsyah . He spoke about the G to G relationship between the Indonesian government (Kemenlu) and the Democratic Government of Timor Leste. For the Agricultural Sector, through the Bureau of Foreign Cooperation (KLN) of the Ministry of Agriculture, and technically through the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, and the Directorate General of Plantation and Agriculture with the Ministry of Agriculture of Timor Leste, as well as through the International Coconut Community. Currently the Agriculture Sector MoU has ended in October 2020, so the cooperation must be renewed and added to the scope of coconut development. (Anjas)

Source: Palma Research Institute

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