Karangploso (KR) 14 Kenaf Variety


SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – Two Kenaf lines i.e. lines 85-9-66-called Karangploso (KR) 14 and 85-9-66-1 Karangploso (KR) 15 were released. KR14 was released in 2007 with an average fiber production capacity of 1,4 tons/hectare.

Both promissing variety capable of adapting in red yellow podzolic soil are Karangploso (KR) 14 and Karangploso (KR) 15. The two lines released in 2007 are able to produce an average of 1,4 tons/ha dry fiber or 25% higher compared to those of KR4 and KR11. KR 14 variety is suitable to be collaborated with a commercial developer. The seedlings can be obtained at Stock Seed Production Unit of the Indonesian Sweetener and Fiber Crops ResearchInstitute in Malang.


Inventor : Marjani, Sudjindro, Rully Dyah Purwati, Untung Setyo Budi

IPR Protection Status : Variety Registration No. 42/PPVHP/2008

Indonesian Sweetener and Fiber Crops Research Insitute

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