Coconut: Inspiration To Recover From COVID-19

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Even a year the Corona Virus has hit the whole world, with this pandemic, all people globally are starting a new era by practicing the Health protocol. Currently, everyone is vigilant to prevent contamination with various sources of disease which are of course dangerous for health. Yes, Corona Virus 19 is one of the many types of viruses that have endangered the safety of human life. With the widespread danger of Covid 19, many people generalize that all viruses are dangerous. Even though in the world of pride, we are actually grateful to one type of virus which actually helped us to overcome one of the coconut plant pests that spread so rapidly in North Sulawesi Province that it spread from several parts of Manado City, North Minahasa Regency and South Minahasa Regency. From the results of monitoring, in a period of 4 months from March to July 2020 the area of ​​spread widened with quite severe damage, even at several locations. These pests also attacked very badly on fruit trees such as rambutan trees.

Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (NPV) is a virus that can control the presence of pest attacks from the Limacodidae family which is known to the public as a caterpillar pest. The fire worm attack is damaging to the coconut leaves. In the symptom of a severe attack like those found in the field, on one leaf midrib, we can find more than 500 caterpillars. If it comes into contact with the human body, these caterpillars can be as painful as burning. As with the risk of pests attacking the leaves on coconut plants, pest attacks in the Limacodidae family including Genus such as Thosea, Parasa, Setora, Darna, Chalcocelis and Pectinarosa can interfere with the photosynthetic process which has a direct impact on causing loss of production in coconut plants. Fire caterpillar attack from the family Limacodidae is influenced by climate fluctuations.

Everything in this universe, we believe is in a balance arranged by the Almighty. Like this caterpillar pest, it is very dangerous, but has natural enemies that exist naturally, even some of which we have found in the field being hunted by crows. For this reason, it is our duty to maintain the balance of every component in the ecosystem around us, so that by itself, without dependence on chemical insecticide products, we can use natural enemies as a method of pest control.

Oh yes, even a year after the Limacodidae pest attack in North Sulawesi, currently the coconut trees in the area of ​​the previous attack have started to recover, the fresh green leaves are intact and have now begun to replace the leaves left by the hanging sticks to become old midribs. his ability to recuperate and continue to be productive even after being hit with a heavy blow, still he was doing the best he could. Hopefully this will also inspire us all after a year of being hit by the Covid 19 pandemic, now is the time to overcome that fear with new strength and hope! Indeed Coconut is the Tree of Life (Anjas)

Source: Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute

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