Construction of the garden collection of rubber clones in Pakuwon

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BOGOR, ESTATE CROPS – Superior genotypes rubber assembly is highly dependent on the availability of germplasm.

Garden collection of superior clones of rubber needs to be built as a farm conservation of genetic resources, as for the construction of the parent seed orchard and garden artificial crosses are used to assemble a superior clones.

Collection of rubber plantation was built in the KP Pakuwon, Sukabumi, West Java, an area of ??0.5 ha for 10 clones, namely AVROS 2037, GT 1, RRIC 100, BPM 1, BPM 24, 107 BPM, BPM 109, PB 260, IRR 5 and IRR 104.

Construction of the garden collection of rubber clones in Pakuwon is one of the activities of the Center for Estate Crops Research and Development, Research and Development Agency Ministry of Agriculture in fiscal year 2011.

Plantation development started from the preparation of seed collection in the White Sungei Research Institute, North Sumatra, nurseries in the polybag in KP.Pakuwon, land preparation and planting in the field. Arrangement of the garden collection is done by clonal blocks.

Collection of superior clones of rubber is a source of genetic diversity. The collection is very useful in breeding programs of rubber. Indonesia has a variety of rubber germplasm, a collection of superior clones as a result of the introduction and the assembly in the country.

Each plot consisted of one clone with a number of plant 25 trees so that the whole there were 10 plots. Mechanical land preparation and planting is done referring to the rubber plantation development management standards.

The plant material (seeds) in a polybag consists of a single leaf. Descriptions of each clone performed based on plant traits, including leaf blade, petiole, leaf stalks, buds, bark and latex yield potential.

Image. Paranet rubber nursery with shade.

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