Policy for the Acceleration of Jatropa Biodiesel

Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – As oil price in international markets has climbed within the last five years, from US$40 to >90 per barrel to cause an increase in fuel subsidy. Therefore the government intends to diversify energy sources which previously paid less attention.


Biofuel (BBN) is one of potential energy sources in Indonesia. If it is well managed, it may contribute positive impacts on the economy and the environment. In general, BBN consists of bio-ethanol and biodiesel.

Biodiesel was derived from biological oil products of various crops, such as corn, soybean, sunflower, coconut, oil palm, jatropha (Jatropha curcas), hazelnut, and many more.

To streamline the development policy for jatropha, it required a strong coordination nationally, because it may involve many parties such as central and local governments and parliaments, companies of various fields.

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has coordinated this activity. It has properly utilized variety of networks, either locally, nationally, or internationally. (Agus Wahyudi).

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