Characteristics Of Food Reserves In Ready-To-Harvest Palm Seeds

Artikel Palma Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS INFO – In young palm plant seeds, the food reserves are still liquid, soft and transparent, and have not yet undergone reinfection. This liquid contains many nutrients for the growth and development of seeds. But if the seeds are planted in these conditions, the seeds cannot germinate because their food reserves are not fully formed, or if they are able to germinate, then the growth is not optimal or even abnormal, due to lack of nutrients.

With the increasing age of the seeds, the development of the reserves will be more optimal, as shown by the hardening of the structure of the food reserves. In this condition, the food reserves are ready to be used by the embryo as food reserves to be able to germinate optimally. In this condition, the seeds are ready to be harvested.

Details can be listened to on the following link: Characteristics of Food Reserves in Ready-to-Harvest Palm Seeds

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