Correlation Among Physical, Physiological Characters of Rhizome Type and Viability of Large White Ginger

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Estate Crops News – One of the problems in the large white ginger production of (Zigiber officinale Rosc.) is high requirement for seed rhizome (+2 ton per ha). Efficiency of propagation materia has been carried out through research that aims to determine the initial character of rhizome related to seed viability of ginger rhizome and oppourtunity’s of propagation using one type of rhizome.

The result showed that starch content positive significant correlation with viability (growth ability). Viability was negative significant correlation with physical character of rhizome (weight, hardness, and diameter). Mother rhizome has high starch content and high hardness. Efficiency of seeds can be done by using single rhizome (one propagule) as propagation material, with rhizome weght + 20 – 40 g.

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