Head Of ICECRD Describes The Achievements And Activity Plans For 2020-2021 In The Coordination Meeting Of IAARD

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Head of Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D explained the achievements of 2020 activities and the planned activities of the Center for Plantation Research and Development in 2021 with few the Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development in the Coordination Meeting of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, at Le Eminence Hotel, Cianjur, West Java, Tuesday (10/11/2020).

During the Management Consolidation and Collaborative Innovative Research session of IAARD to Support Advanced, Independent and Modern Agriculture, Head of ICECRD said that the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development together with its 4 Technical Implementing Units  has carried out several main activities in 2020 including development of innovation-based agricultural areas, research and development. superior plantation commodities, dissemination of technological innovation on plantation crop commodities, signing of collaborations with a number of external agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture to mentoring strategic programs of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In addition, Syafaruddin also explained plans for plantation research and development activities in 2021, including assembling and assisting the application of coffee, coconut and toga plant technology in Central Kalimantan to support the Food Estate program, assembly of plantation commodity technology, production of plantation source seeds, implementation of coffee plant development. , shrub pepper, cashew nuts, and coffee-livestock integration and dissemination of plantation technology innovations.

Syafaruddin also explained that one of the hopes of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development in this coordination activity is that it can combine and collaborate on the superior activities of several agencies / work units involved from the research title owned by the Plantation Research and Development Center.

“Of course we hope that this activity can create collaboration from each work unit within the scope of IAARD, especially the ICECRD to produce a superior product that eventually gets a patent or license, one example is eucalyptus product which is the result of collaborative research by 3 agencies,” said Syafaruddin. .

The Coordination Meeting for IAARD was held in order to accelerate 2020 activities and prepare for the acceleration of 2021 activities. This activity was held on Monday-Thursday November 9-12 2020, attended by structural officers of work units and heads of implementing units within the scope of IAARD from all over Indonesia.

In its implementation, the committee implements a fairly strict health protocol, one of which is by carrying out a rapid test for all coordination meeting participants. (Anjas)

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