MH3 Kapok Variety


SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – MH (Mukti Harjo) 3 variety kapok is a product of crossbreeding between a high productivity introductory clones with a local clone having shiny white fiber, but its production is low. The potensial yield of this variety can reach 2,400 tolls/plant, the weght of 100 rolls is 4,12 kg, or 28 t rolls/ha/year or 5,5, – 6,0 t kapok/ha/year. The fiber content is 21,47%, and shiny white kapok matching the quality of “Java Kapok”.

The development should be carried out by inoculation as the developement by seed experiences segregation.

It has potency to be developed and commercialized by clothe and furniture agro-industries to meet the export and local demand.


Inventor : Emmy Sulistyowati, Hasnam, Siwi Sumartini

IPR Protection Status : Variety Registration No. 22/PVHP/2008

Indonesian Sweetener and Fiber Crops Research Insitute

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