Head of IAARD: Plantation Seed Propagation Technology Needs To Be Mastered And Become The Main Focus

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PLANTATION INFO- Head of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), Dr.Ir. Fadjry Djufry, M.Sc., emphasized that R&D needs to find solutions to mass demand for seeds based on technology and focus on strategic commodities such as sugar cane, cocoa, coconut, coffee, spices and medicinal plants. Seed propagation technology needs to be mastered and is the main focus at this time. The reason is, although so far Indonesia has abundant germplasm, the propagation technology is still lacking.

This was conveyed by Fadjry in his direction at a workshop held by the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD), Wednesday (13/1/2021). This direction is related to the main theme discussed in the workshop, namely “Implementation of the Utilization of Innovation and Provision of Superior Seeds”.

Furthermore, Fadjry said R & D also needs to make a grand design related to seed procurement as soon as possible. Likewise with sugarcane seed development, a detailed roadmap from upstream to downstream needs to be made to be recommended to the Technical Director General. In addition, there must be a strong synergy between R&D and other related parties so that programs can run smoothly.

The Head of IAARD also expressed his hope that the Center for Plantation Research and Development could repeat the previous achievements and successes. Especially when the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development through the Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institutes (ISMCRI) is able to produce eucalyptus-based commercial products and eight patents within budget constraints in 2020. The innovations produced by R & D must go public and get recognition from both within and outside the country, hope Fadjry. (Anjas)

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