Jurnal Littri ICECRD Vol. 18 No. 1, 2012


Table of Contents:

  1. Diversity of Nutmeg Species (Myristica spp.) in North Moluccas based on the Morphological and Agronomic Markersi; (Sri Soenarsih DAS, Sudarsono, H.M.H. Bintoro Djoefrie, and Yudiwanti Wahyu E.K.);
  2. Effect of Potassium Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Rhiome Quality of Young Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rocs.); (Mono Rahardjo);
  3. Effect of Plant Spacing and Dosage of NPK Compound Fertilizer on Growth, Calyx Production, and Farm Analysis of Red Roselle; (Budi Santoso, Untung Setyo-Budi, dan Elda Nurnasari) ;
  4. Transfer of Ī²-1, 3-Glucanase Gene from Trichoderma asperillum Onto Abaca Calli for the Resistance Against Fusarium Wilt DiseasesĀ ;(Rully Dyah Purwati dan Liliek Sulistyowati) ;
  5. Effects of Homogenenization Conditions of Physical Characteristics and Quality of Coconut Milk during Storage; (Sari Intan Kailaku, Tatang Hidayat, dan Dondy A. Setiabudy) ;
  6. Isolation and Identification of Fungi on Hybrid Cacao Seeds ; (Baharudin, Agus Purwantara, Satriyas Ilyas, dan Mochamad Rahmad Suhartanto) ;

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