Jurnal Littri ICECRD Vol. 17 No. 4, 2011

Artikel Jambu Mete Artikel Kakao Artikel Kelapa Sawit Jurnal


Table of Contents :

  1. The effect of kieserite fertilizer to oil palm growth and sol productivity; (A. Kasno and Nurjaya);
  2. Development of Simple Sequence Repeat Markers for Jatropha spp. ; (Darmawan Saptadi, RR. Sri Hartati, Asep Setiawan, Bambang Heliyano dan Sudarsono);
  3. Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungsi biofertilizer on the growth of cashew seedling ; (O. Trisilawati);
  4. Effect of maturity level of fruits on larvicidal activity and physico-chemical properties of kamandrah(Croton tiglium L.) oil ; (Noor Roufiq Ahmadi, Djumali Mangunwidjaja,Ono Suparno dan Dyah Iswantini P.);
  5. Morphology characterization and spread of drymis sp., in West Papua ; (M. Syakir, N. Bermawie, H. Agusta and E.N. Paisey);
  6. The antagonistic potential of two local isolates of Pleurotus sp. against Ganoderma sp. ; (Achmad and Deka Yulisman);

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