Industrial Crops Research Journal Vol. 24 No. 1, 2018


PUBLICATIONS OF ESTATE CROPS – Industrial Crops Research Journal is a primary scientific publication that contains the results of research on estate crops commodities that have not been loaded on any media. Beginning in 2017, this journal is published twice a year (June, and December), by the Indonesia Center for Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD)..


  1. Endophytic Bacteria From Purwoceng as Steroid and Antipatogenic Compounds Producers ; Dwi N. Susilowati, Hendra Ginanjar, Erny Yuniarti, Mamik Setyowati, and Ika Roostika
  2. Induction of Secondary Somatic Embryos of Arabica Coffee and Detection Somaclonal Variation Using SSRs Marker ; Meynarti Sari Dewi Ibrahim, Rr. Sri Hartati, Reflinur, and Sudarsono
  3. The Effect of Plastic Mulch Period on White Grubs Population and Productivity of Sugar Cane;  Subiyakto and Dwi Adi Sunarto
  4. Effectiveness of Several Types of N Fertilizer on Palm Oil Nursery ; Wiwik Hartatik and Heri Wibowo
  5. Technical and Financial Performace of Bushy-Pepper Cultivation in the New Development Area at Banyumas District, Central Java ; M. Syakir, I Ketut Ardana, and Elna Karmawati 


Protector : Director of The Indonesia Center for Estate Crops Research and Develpment

Responsible Editor: Dr. Ir. Fadjry Djufry, M.Si.

Managing Officer: Ir. Jelfina C. Alouw, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Editor in chief : Prof.Dr. Elna Karmawati (Entomology)

Associate Editor:

Prof. Dr. Supriadi (Phytopathology)

Prof. Dr. Nur Richana (Post-harvest)

Dr. Nurliani Bermawie (Plant Breeding)

Dr. I Ketut Ardana (Socio-Economic)

Ir. Edi Wardiana (Agronomy)

Dr. Iwa Mara Trisawa (Entomology)


Managing Editor:

Bursatriannyo, S.Komp.

Ir. Elfrida Nadeak

Evawati, B.Sc.



Publisher’s address :
Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Perkebunan
Jl. Tentara Pelajar No. 1 Bogor 16111
Telp. 0251-8336194, 8313083, Faks 0251-8336194
E-mail :;


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