Jurnal Littri ICECRD Vol. 18 No. 4, 2012

Artikel Cengkeh Artikel Jambu Mete Artikel Kapas Artikel Kelapa Artikel Lada Artikel Tebu Jurnal

INDUSTRIAL ESTATE CROP RESEARCH JOURNAL, a scientific publication that contains primary research of plantation commodities that have not been published in any media, published four times a year by the Center for Estate Crops Research and Development.


  1. Nematode pathogenicity of Heterorhabditis sp. against coconut leaf beetle of Brontispa longissima GESTRO; (Wiratno, and Rohimatun)
  2. Effectiveness of clove and citronella oil formula on Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vanillae the cause agent of vanilla stem rot ; (Mesak Tombe, Darmawan pangeran, and Tri Saptari Haryani)
  3. Viability and effectiveness of nematodes Steinernema sp. formulation against cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera HUBNER; (Heri Prabowo, and IGAA Indrayani)
  4. Safety and efficiency of xylem water transport in two cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) strains at the seedling stage; (Joko Pitono, and Tsuda Makoto)
  5. Analysis of sugar cane farming efficiency in East Java; (Sri Hery Susilowati, and Netti Tinaprilla)
  6. Correlation between sporangial inoculum aggressiveness and culture filtrate toxicity of Phytophthora capsici from black pepper (Piper nigrum L.); (Chaerani, and Dyah Manohara)


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