IP-3P Fence Castor Oil (Jatropa curcas L.) Variety

Inovasi Jarak Inovasi Teknologi Varietas Varietas Jarak Pagar

SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – The IP-3P variety of Fence Castor Oil is the result of reoccurring selections of IP2-P population. The seedbed period is 6 weeks, the age for the first flower is 6 weeks after transplanting, and the age on the initial harvest is 14 weeks after transplanting. In the first year, the number of panicles is around 60 panicles/plant and 500 – 550 fruits/plant. The weight of 1000 seeds is 685 grams with 7% moisture content the yield potency increases in line with the age.

In the I, II, and III years, the yields are around 2.3 – 2.6 t; 5 – 6 t, and 8 – 9 t/ha/year respectively and the plant can grow well with 500 – 2500 mm rainfall/year.

Its superiorities are, it has high potential yield, the young plants can be intercroped and it has oil content of about 33-36%.

It can potentially be developed and commercialized by agroindustry for energy (bioenergy) for future needs.


Inventor : Hasnam, Cheppy Syukur, Dibyo Pranowo, Hadi Sudarmo, Edi Purlani

Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development

IPR Protection Status : Plant Variety Registration No. –

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