Pathogenic Blonde Fungus Is Important In Pepper Plants

Artikel Lada Berita Perkebunan Highlight

ICECRD NEWS – Mushrooms blonde S. pseudopedicellatum that live in symbiosis with fleas shell Unaspis sp., Is a cause blight disease velvet ( velvet blight ) on pepper plants. Prior to 2000, this disease was a disease that was not detrimental or not an obstacle to pepper production in West Kalimantan, so it was not controlled. The increase in the price of pepper encourages the development / expansion of the pepper plant, followed by the spread of velvet blight and is not controlled. As a result, the status of velvet blight changes to become a second pepper production obstacle after stem rot disease. (Anjas)

Read more Download full text: Plantation_WartaVol26No1-2020.pdf

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