Ir. Djajadi, MSc., Ph.D. Inaugurated As 150th Research Professor At The Ministry Of Agriculture

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has again added 4 (four) Main Expert Researchers with Research Professor titles, one of which is a researcher from the UPT Center for Plantation Research and Development, namely Ir. Djajadi, MSc., Ph.D. (researcher of the Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers/ISFCRI) as the 150th Research Professor at the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of plant cultivation. While the other 3 (three) Research Professors are Dr. Ir. Erwidodo, MS. from PSEKP, Dr. Ir. Mukhlis, MS. from BBSDLP, and Dr. Ir. Muhammad Sabran, M.Sc. from BB Biogen. The inauguration of the Research Professor was held at the Display Building of the Plantation Research and Development Center, on Monday (21/12/2020).

Minister of Agriculture Dr. H. Syahrul Yasin Limpo, SH. in his speech, he expressed his pride for the achievements of the Ministry of Agriculture, especially for the achievements of the researchers and expressed his great appreciation. The Minister of Agriculture hopes that the newly inaugurated Research Professor can play a more active role as a coach and motivator for younger researchers, both in the field of expertise, as well as in developing their identity, integrity and professionalism, he hoped.

Head of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency (IAARD) Dr. Fadjry Djufry explained that the Research Professor’s oration was also a means to encourage young researchers to continue working to reach the highest functional level of researchers and to encourage Main Expert Researchers to make speeches as Research Professors. “This oration is the fifth oration in accordance with LIPI Regulation No. 15 of 2018 and is the 44th oration held by IAARD since 2006,” said Fadjry.

These four Research Professors delivered their orations related to their respective fields of expertise, namely:

1. Dr. Ir. Erwidodo, MS. which is engaged in Agricultural Economics with the oration title “Reorientation of Directions and Strategies Towards Independent and Competitive Food Security in the Global Market Era”.

2. Dr. Ir. Mukhlis, MS. which is engaged in Soil Science, Agroclimatology, and Hydrology with the oration title “Innovation in Biofertilizer Technology Supports the Development of Swamplands as Food Barns”

3. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Sabran, M.Sc. which is engaged in Plant Breeding and Genetics with the oration title “Digitalization to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness of Management and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources”

4. Ir. Djajadi, MSc., PhD. which is engaged in Plant Cultivation with the oration title “Innovation of Integrated Cultivation Technology for Improving Competitiveness and Sustainability of Tobacco Farming (Nicotiana Tabacum L.)”.

In his oration, Prof. Djajadi succeeded in formulating new ideas to reduce tobacco imports and increase the competitiveness of domestic tobacco. This plant cultivation researcher who has released 12 superior varieties of tobacco added, “With the implementation of integrated tobacco cultivation technology innovations, the competitiveness, productivity and quality of domestic tobacco can be increased, so that tobacco imports can be minimized and tobacco farming can be guaranteed sustainability”, added Djajadi.

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