Sugarcane Technology Innovation : Core Sample, Increase Farmer Interest

Artikel Tebu Berita Perkebunan Inovasi Tebu Terpopuler

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Transparency yield results between farmers and Sugar Company (PG) is often a problem. With cane supply 95% of people still rely on sugar cane farmers, cane farmers the confidence of course a concern PG and SOE Sugar. Director PTPN X, Subiyono said today it has developed a technology Core Sample. “With the core sample can be observed yield of each individual so that farmers can no longer be viewed one at a time PG overall yield,” he said on the sidelines of the Association of Indonesian Sugar Congress (IKAGI) X in Surabaya.

Currently, according to Subiyono use of the tool is still in the testing phase. Investment required for the procurement is not cheap. We need at least Rp 4 billion for the procurement cost per unit of Core Sample. PTPN X still has one unit that is in PG Ngadirejo.

Ideally, each PG has 1-2 units depending Core Sample capacity. This tool is already widely used in sugar-producing countries such as Thailand.

Subiyono is said, by knowing the yield of each farmer, PG can know the quality of the delivered supply each farmer. As for the farmers, he will be able to know the quality of the plants and no longer feel tricked or eliminated rendement by PG.

Confidence of farmers is important because nearly 100% of the supply comes from sugar cane farmers PG. “PG should be able to provide added value for farmers. Addition to improving efficiency in the PG course itself,” he added.

In the same occasion, Chief Bambang Priyono IKAGI Basuki said the issue of human resources and technology is still an important issue sugarcane development. “In two years the productivity of sugarcane crop was down significantly due to climate anomalies. Yet despite PG demikiran remain good performers,” he said.

The problem according to him is crucial for technology towards achieving national self sufficiency. In addition to Core Sample to determine the yield of each farmer, this time also developed techniques that can cut butchip cut breeding time from 5 to 3 stages with higher quality.


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