On Farm Technology Innovation In Sugar Cane: Improvement Of Seed System

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – So far, to plant sugarcane, seeds are used in the form of: top cuttings, lonjoran, rayungan, 2 eyed mule, bud set (one eye mule). Balittas improved the technique of providing seeds in the form of bud chips and made a bud chipper machine. Bud chipper is a tool / machine that is used to take the buds of sugar cane which will be used as planting material. This tool has a blade of steel in the form of a semicircle that moves up and down to make it easier to take the buds. This tool uses a dynamo with a power of 0.5 HP. This tool has the capacity to produce 200-2500 bud chips per hour with one operator. (Anjas)

For more details, see the article at the following link: On Farm Technological Innovation in Sugarcane Plants: Seed System Improvement

Source: Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers (Balittas)

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