Research Innovation to Support the Commersialization of Biopesticides in Indonesia

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – The economic value of biological pesticides outside Indonesia is quite high, reaching US $ 1.8 billion, however, in Indonesia, the value is insignificant. The paper was aimed to discuss the commercialization of biological pesticides and research innovation to support its development.

The biological pesticide formulation in Indonesia is limited; only 30 formulas (0.6%) are registered of the total 2475 registered pesticide formulations in 2012. The Ministry of Agriculture has produced 39 biological pesticide formulations that could be developed by pesticide companies for commercialization. The limited number of the registered biological pesticides shows serious constraints on their commercialization.

One of the important constraint is lacking of standardization of the active ingredients and the formulations are short life. The Government, through The Ministry of Agriculture, emposes the Permentan no.39/ Permentan/SR.330/7/2015 in effort to encourage the commercialization of biological pesticides. The registrartion of biological pesticide do not require acute oral and dermal toxict data as that applied to synthetic pesticides.

In addition, any government agency that has the duty and function of plant protection can apply for registration of biological pesticide. To improve the quality of biological pesticides that will attract investors, the role of research programs related to improving the quality of the biological pesticide formulation is needed.

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