Eucalyptus Innovation From IAARD

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PLANTATION NEWS – Eucalyptus Is A Plant From Australia That Is Much Wanted For Its Oil. Eucalyptus oil is obtained through the distillation process of its leaves which are said to be rich in antioxidants and 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) compounds.

Head of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Fadjry Djufry, Msi said that all the efforts made by the nation’s children, whatever it is, please be developed. The competence of agricultural R&D agencies related to Eucalyptus products, first we have Eucalyptus SDG collection plants in our experimental garden at the Spices and Medicinal Plants Research Institute. We use natural ingredients that have the potential to be anti-virus for corona.

We have tried several natural ingredients including guava, vco and eucalyptus. One of them is Eucalyptus. The Research Institute for Spices and Medicines (IRIRI) performs essential oil distillation and continues with formulation and testing. Testing was carried out at the Center for Veterinars to find out the effectiveness against the corona type virus.

The Center for Veterinary’s collection is used as a virus testing model. In addition, IAARD has research experience and reliable human resources with experience in researching and producing H5N1 anti vitus.

The Head of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency said that we did not over-claim because our products were limited to BPOM permits but in the laboratory it had been tested and had the potential to be a corona virus. Clinical trials are still taking a long time. Therefore we are still trying to fight Covid 19.

The hope is that it’s time to join hands together to tackle Covid19. Together we can. (Anjas)

Source: Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute

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