Initiation Of Cooperation In The Development Of New Superior Varieties Of Sugarcane At The ICECRD

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Developmentr (ICECRD) expands the scope of its dissemination activities through exploring cooperation, namely with PT. Rajawali II Sugar Factory Cirebon, West Java Province. This is done in an effort to disseminate the results of research and development of plantation commodities to various parties, especially the private sector / BUMN.

PT PG Rajawali II is a subsidiary (AP) of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (PT RNI, Persero) which is engaged in the Agroindustry, especially the Sugar Industry. As a subsidiary, PT PG Rajawali II has the largest area and the largest assets compared to other PT RNI subsidiaries.

In 2020 theICECRD has expanded cooperation with almost 85% with universities in supporting the Free Learning-Free Campus Program and 15% with local government and private parties. Furthermore, at the direction of the Head of ICECRD, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D., the cooperation is directed to support and succeed in expanding the dissemination of the results of innovation in plantation technology, especially with the private sector / BUMN.

The directive was followed up by the Coordinator of Research and Utilization of Research Results (KSPHP), Dr. Tedy Dirhamsyah, SP., MAB. accompanied by the Sub-Coordinator for Cooperation, Dr. Saefudin, SP., M.Sc., by visiting and exploring cooperation with PT. PG Rajawali II on March 31, 2021.

At the meeting and discussion, the Production Director of Muzamzam, SP., Stated that PG Rajawali II was open to collaborating with the ICECRD, especially in providing new varieties of sugarcane seeds that have been released by the ICECRD (ASA Agribun, CMG Agribun, AAS Agribun and AMS. Agribun). Efforts to reproduce and develop these new varieties are in order to support national sugar self-sufficiency. PT. Rajawali II has prepared land for the development of these seeds which will later collaborate with partner farmers of PG Rajawali II.

PT PG Rajawali II owns: (1). Two sugar factories that are still actively operating, namely the Tersana Baru Unit Sugar Factory and the Jatit No.7 Sugar Factory, (2). Two sugar factories that were vacuumed, namely the Sindang Laut Sugar Factory Unit and the Subang Sugar Factory Unit, (3). One sugar factory whose operations have been discontinued is the Karangsuwung Unit Sugar Factory, (4). One unit engaged in conducting research and development in the field of plants is the Agro Research Center, (5). One factory that produces spirits, alcohol and their derivatives is the Palimanan PSA Unit (6). One pharmacy, namely the Raja Farma Pharmacy, and (7). One Brake Canvas Factory which has been discontinued is PT Inti Bagas Perkasa.

At the end of the discussion, the KSPHP Coordinator will follow up on the cooperation plan by involving the related Balit and sugarcane researchers. This is considered very urgent and important considering the increasing need for sugar, while domestic production has decreased, one of which is the result of a decrease in sugarcane yield. The new varieties resulting from the innovation of the ICECRD are expected to be able to answer these problems, said Tedy. (Sae & Web Team)

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