This Is The Ministry Of Agriculture’s Step In Facing The Impact Of Pandemic

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Jakarta – Minister of Agriculture (Minister of Agriculture) Syahrul Yasin Limpo claimed to have compiled steps to anticipate the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak over the next two years. This was conveyed by the Minister of Agriculture while attending the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Commission IV of the Indonesian Parliament in Jakarta, Friday, July 10, 2020.

“Taking care of agriculture is not just facing the weather, but many problems have arisen. For this reason, our program must be ready, “he said

According to the Minister of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture’s programs are in accordance with the direction of Indonesian President Joko Widodo who is very consistent in seeing the problems that exist in the country.

However, feeding 267 million Indonesians is not easy. Therefore, the Minister of Agriculture claimed that his party could not walk alone. To be sure, there must be support from all parties and stakeholders in agricultural development to realize all targets and programs for the next five years.

My job is to help the interests of the small people. Don’t let the little people suffer, “he said.

Even so, the Minister of Agriculture said that national food reserves, especially for rice, still have stocks for the next two years. In maintaining rice stocks, Syahrul claimed to already have adequate storage warehouses throughout Indonesia.

For information, there are five work focuses of the Ministry of Agriculture in accelerating economic recovery and social reform after the co-19 pandemic.

These programs include, among others, the availability of quality food access and consumption programs (specific programs), value added programs for industrial competitiveness (cross K / L programs), science and technology research and innovation programs (cross K / L programs), education programs and vocational training, and management support programs.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture

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