HKP, Moment Of Ministry Of Agriculture Builds Optimism In The Middle Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

PUSLITBANGBUN ACTIVITY – The Momentum of the Agricultural Krida Day (HKP), which is celebrated every June 21, is an astronomical marker when the state of the crop production process ends, and will begin in preparation for further production, so farmers will express gratitude for the big harvest. The 48th Agriculture Day Day Ceremony in 2020, is the first history carried out in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The HKP ceremony in 2020 at the Ministry of Agriculture office on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 was chaired by the Minister of Agriculture (Dr. H. Syahrul Yasin Limpo, SH, M.Sc., MH), attended by all Echelon I, II and 988 participants from the Apparatus State Civil Ministry of Agriculture through teleconference.

Syahrul is very grateful to the farmers who are always present as heroes, working tirelessly for food, maintaining sufficient food stocks in protecting Indonesian food. HKP is also a momentum to shift from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, where technology is the commander. Agriculture should no longer be carried out in the old-fashioned and traditional-patterned ways, but must be more advanced, independent and modern. Agricultural technological innovations must be intensified to increase production by involving young people, online systems, increasing labor, growing exports and providing benefits for the welfare of the people, said Syahrul. Covid-19 must not defeat us but make it a challenge to develop Indonesian agriculture, Syahrul is optimistic..

The covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world not only has an impact on the health sector, but also socio-economically. The social and economic dimensions of the community also come into contact with food security. For this reason, increasing production becomes an obligation in the face of a new normal life. Some sectors that have experienced a crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic include; health, socio-economic, industrial, trade transportation including agriculture. Syahrul invited the farmers and the community to build optimism in the agricultural sector. This is important, so that people are aware that food cannot be stopped producing, agriculture must be resilient and stronger, becoming the frontline in the fight against the co-19 pandemic by maintaining national food availability, utilizing technological innovation, human / natural resources.

Syahrul invited all ranks of the ASN Ministry of Agriculture to develop agriculture for the welfare of farmers. Indonesian agriculture must be built with a sense of optimism, mutual cooperation, positive thinking and trust in a new normal life in the agricultural sector, so that people are aware of food. Other sectors are important but food is more important, if we don’t eat anything we cannot do it, we need healthy food, enough balanced nutrition and maintained immunity, for that food must be fulfilled. The Ministry of Agriculture is here to increase national production based on smallholder agriculture and to favor small farmers. The program in favor of farmers must be strengthened. The Ministry of Agriculture has allocated seed / seed assistance, labor-intensive programs, stabilization of food stocks and prices, and food distribution and transportation. Other than that,

The HKP ceremony continued with a suave manner which was preceded by cutting the cone by the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture.

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