Downstream Coconut Innovation Technology In Central Maluku

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Downstreaming of technological innovations for gradual rejuvenation, land optimization and processing of coconut products on an independent farmer scale is one of the dissemination activities of research results from the Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute(IPCRI) in 2021. This dissemination activity will be carried out at existing coconut production centers in Indonesia, namely Sepa Village, Central Maluku Regency.

As the initial stage of this activity, by conducting a baseline survey in the target villages to see the condition of coconut plantations there, both related to the condition of the plant, potential, utilization, cultivation and processing of the final product from coconut in Central Maluku.

The implementation of these activities includes Technical Guidance activities that will be carried out at the beginning and two core activities related to rejuvenation with a gradual system and processing of coconut products on an independent farmer scale.

This activity was spearheaded by the Head of IPCRI, Dr. Ismail Maskromo as the person in charge of the dissemination activities and was accompanied by 4 members of the Ecophysiology Research Team of  IPCRI, namely Engelbert Manaroinsong, MSi, Yulianus Matana MSi, Dr. Asthutiirundu, Dr. Patrik Pasang, and one researcher from the Maluku Agricultural Technology Study Center (BPTP), namely Dr. Rein Senewe.

As a first step in this research activity, we coordinated and visited the AIAT IAARD South Sulawesi for coordination and discussion regarding the potential and management of coconut in Maluku, including an overview of its utilization.

How is the Baseline survey journey from the researchers from IPCRI to get to the target village from Ambon city by land and sea, and how to manage coconut there? Check out the news at the following link:
Downstream Coconut Innovation Technology will start with Mata Rumah in Central Maluku (Anjas)

Source: IPCRI

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