National Farmers Day 2020, ICECRD Celebrates With Coffee, Pepper And Nutmeg Technological Innovations

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he commemoration of the 57th Indonesian National Farmers Day was lively with many superior products from the food and plantation sectors exhibited by each Echelon I Work Unit within the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) as well as private parties who also collaborated.

Located at the Central Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jakarta (24/9), the Agricultural Research and Development Agency represented by the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) exhibited superior products resulting from technological innovations from coffee, pepper and nutmeg commodities. Some of these products include kopiwon arabica, rabita and liberoid meranti from the Research Institute for Industrial and Refreshing Crops (IIBCRI) as well as white pepper varieties Chunuk, Petaling 1, Natar 1, LDK and several other varieties of black pepper and nutmeg from the Research Institute for Spices and Crops Drugs (ISMCRI).

The selection of products in the exhibition was based on the theme of this year’s Farmer’s Day, namely “Agriculture the Mainstay of the National Economy in the Time of Covid-19”, one of which is from Indonesian plantation commodities that have been exported to foreign countries.

The event which is commemorated every September 24 has been determined in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (Kepres RI) No. 169 of 1963 as a form of commemoration to commemorate the history of the peasants and free them from suffering.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Dr. Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that the commemoration of National Farmers Day was a momentum to emotionally consolidate the Indonesian people, especially all levels in the Ministry of Agriculture, governors and regional heads where agriculture is an important and very strategic part of this country. According to him, the progress of a region, district, province and even national progress is largely determined by agricultural acceleration which can be optimized to be stronger, because this also marks the strength of a nation.

“Indonesia is an agrarian country with abundant natural resources ranging from beaches, lowlands and highlands that can be a resource that can be utilized by the nation’s children. Besides that, agriculture is the main pillar of the state, where the state can be strong if good economic strength is born and a good economy is marked by advanced agriculture,” said the Minister of Agriculture.

Furthermore, Syahrul also hopes that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia can work hand in hand in providing energy for the agricultural sector, providing support to farmers and continuing to increase agricultural productivity, both from support from regional heads, the banking financing sector to the upstream-downstream industry.

During the event, the Ministry of Agriculture also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bukalapak in the context of utilizing the Toko Tani Online application and developing the boarding house market, to the empowerment program for 500,000 Indonesian farmers and women Farmers regarding COVID-19 through collaboration with PT Bayer Indonesia and Mercy Corps. Indonesia.

After opening the event and giving a speech, the Minister of Agriculture symbolically held a simultaneous harvest through virtual meetings throughout Indonesia and visited the available exhibition booths. During the visit, the Minister of Agriculture was very interested in and appreciated the superior products from the technological innovations of the Plantation Research and Development Center. (Anjas-Tim)

Happy National Farmers Day 2020, always be prosperous for our farmers and keep moving forward with Indonesian agriculture.
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