Halal Bi Halal of ICECRD’s Family

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

BOGOR, ICECRD – Director of the Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development, Dr.Ir. Muhammad Syakir, MS., accompanied by his wife, Ir. Luluk M. Syakir, congratulated the employees and the retired in the halal bi halal event conducted at yard of the ICECRD office, on Monday (27/08/2012). The event is held to raise a sense of ICECRD’s family.

In his speech, Mr. Syakir  said that after the fasting month, we are now back clean from all stain and sin, and if we would compared with a computer, the device has just been reformatted so that it free from all kinds of viruses. He advised that all researchers of ICECRD should able to improve our performance especially to support the four successful agricultural ministry targets those are (1) the achievement of self-sufficiency and sustainable self-sufficiency, (2) Diversification of food, (3) increase the competitiveness of value-added exports, (4) increase the welfare of farmers.

Gold Residents consisting of ICECRD retired on this occasion were represented by Ir. Hasnam, M.Sc., Ph.D. convey the essence of fasting is to hold back and be able to curb the passions, so that we become more pious people. He further expressed hope that we would be reunited with the upcoming fasting month.

Furthermore the event completed with spiritual massages by Ir. Nuruzzaman. He appreciates the desire and passion of Director of ICECRD, DR. M. Syakir, to improve farmers’ income, which means increasing the standard of living of farmers. Mr. Nuruzzaman, who is also Chairman of Farmers Group, said that at present about 64% of the people of Indonesia are farmers. Thus the noble desire of the Director to raise the standard of living of farmers deserve the full support of all of us.

At the end of his speech he said that the only people who are calm and optimistic in his life that will be delivered for the glory of Allah. Hopefully at Shawwal we can continue to get reward and kindness.

The event closed with a prayer and greet. (Web Tim)

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