Cocoa National Movement (GERNAS) Between Expectations And Reality

Artikel Kakao Berita Perkebunan

ICECRD INFO – The results of the PSEKP study showed that most of the farmers did not understand the Gernas Cocoa program, especially regarding SE technology, side grafting and shoot grafting, so that many failed in the replanting. The central government must encourage local governments to mobilize local extension workers to increase interaction with farmers in guarding and accompanying the implementation of Gernas Cocoa. Through increased interaction, it is hoped that there will be a transfer of knowledge from field extension agents to farmers.

Given the low productivity of cocoa, as well as other constraints from the upstream side (onfarm), the downstream side (onfarm) must also be addressed first, farmers can also be encouraged in parallel to improve the quality of their cocoa products. Cultivation technology starts with good seeds (clones), maintenance is maintained, starting from planting cover crops, pruning, fertilizing and controlling plant pests. The opinion of farmers that carrying out fermentation does not provide significant incentives, in fact, they have a larger workload, this must be corrected. Extension needs to be done so that farmers understand this phenomenon. (Anjas)

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