Formulation Of Trichoderma Biological Agent To Control BPB In Pepper Plants

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ICECRD NEWS – Stem rot (BPB) on pepper (piper nigrum) is a soil contagion which is difficult to know. Withering symptoms that occur in pepper plants are generally an advanced stage of infection. The use of biological agents that can be applied in the soil around the roots of pepper is considered an efficient approach to reduce the incidence of stem rot disease. Trichoderma is a biological agent that is widely used to control Phytophthora capsici which causes root rot of pepper stems. Trichoderma formulation is an effort to make this biological agent more easily applied, stored, adaptable when applied and more effectively suppress population developmentP. capsici . (Anjas)

Full text download complete: Formulation of Trichoderma Biological Agents for Controlling BPB in Pepper Plants

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