Development of fertilizer formula based on endophytic bacteria on sugarcane

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ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION – Development of fertilizer formula based on endophytic bacteria on sugarcane is one of the estate technology innovations produced by the Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD), IAARD, Ministry of Agriculture in 2011.

Developed biological fertilizers generally utilize endophytic bacteria. Six isolates of N-fixing bacteria have been tested their survival in the biological fertilizer formula and their efficacy on sugarcane.


The results showed that the formulation of biological fertilizers (made of a mixture of 50% blotong, 30% zeolite, and 20% clay) produced 8-6 x 106 endophytic bacteria at day-0 upto day-15.

On the third month, the number of bacteria in the manure reaches 6.33 x 102. Every endophytic bacteria has its own specific pattern describing its presence and persistence within the sugarcane tissues. The bacteria can survive for 3 months in the plant tissues. In the leaf tissues of sugarcane, the endophytic bacteria form micro colonies. The efficacy trials of the endophytic bacteria on the performance of sugarcane at germination and early budding stage (2 months old) have not resulted in concrete illustrations.

Observation results indicate that the application of endophytic bacteria have not responded significantly. It was because the observation was carried out at the early stage of budding.

Figure. The color of endophytic bacteria with gene marker under ultra violet light


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