Ice Cream VCO

Inovasi Kelapa Inovasi Teknologi Produk Inovasi

INNOVATION PLANTATION – Ice Cream VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) is one of the estates of technological innovation. A composition of ice cream made from raw materials VCO without delicious flavor and aroma oils. Consisting of VCO, milk, sugar, egg yolks, gelatin, fragrance, dye and water. The ice cream is made using fat source of VCO. VCO classified as a natural product and has many nutritious for health.

Technical specifications: Ingredients Ice Cream is made using fat sources of VCO). VCO classified as a natural product and has many nutritious for health.

Technological advantage: Composition VCO-Ice Cream and the manufacturing process, which if packed in a plastic cup with a volume of 80-90 ml, then by taking 3 cup VCO-Ice Cream in a day, it can meet the recommended consumption of VCO 3 tbsp / day for the adults and the use of sweetened condensed milk and chocolate aroma is the most preferred, because it is more typical VCO cover the taste.

The benefits of technology: Because there are many consumers who do not like VCO consumption directly, then one way to mensiasatinya is used in processing VCO Ice Cream. Prompts for VCO consumption, for adults 3 tbsp / day, children 2 tablespoons / day and balita1-2sdt/hari, expected to be obtained from consuming VCO-Ice Cream. By consuming VCO-Ice Cream, consumers will be free of trans fat consumption, but it can enjoy the benefits of VCO for health and beauty.

Additional Information: From various scientific publications, it was revealed that the VCO can handle more than 50 types of disease. Some consumers have given their testimonies of healing of various diseases, after consuming VCO regularly. For infants and children, VCO turns will help the absorption of calcium, resulting in the formation of bones and teeth will be better. In terms of cosmetics, apparently VCO can give skin elasticity, so that consumers who consume VCO regularly will look younger.



Sources: Coconut and Palm Crops Research, Manado

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