(Bahasa) Ekstrak Galaktomanan pada Daging Buah Kelapa dan Ampasnya serta Manfaatnya untuk Pangan

Artikel Kelapa Sawit Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Galactomannan is a polymer containing units mannopiranosa with βeta-(1-4) and unit galactopiranosa with bonding αlfa-(1-6). Galactomannan source that has been developed is of plant seeds Leguminoceae, the fenugreek (Trigonellafoenum graecum). The price of 250 mg extract of fenugreek yield 85% galactomannan reach to US $ 26.75 (Rp.250,000).

Galactomannan compound also contained in the coconut meat. The more mature of coconuts fruit, galactomannan compounds will increase. Coconut pulp that has been processed into flour can be substituted on the processing of snacks so that the product has Glykemik index (GI) is low.

Isolation galactomannan using 4% of furnace ash solution and coconut pulp 400 g obtained galactomannan isolates 134,4g. The use of coconut galactomannan isolates for 52 days in the rabbit (hypercholesterolemia), can prevent the increase in total cholesterol levels of 24 mg / dl, cholesterol- drugs only 16 mg /dl, preventing the increase in LDL of 15 mg /dl together with cholesterol- drugs, increase HDL 1 mg /dl, while the drug to increase HDL 2 mg /dl, and prevent the increase in triglycerides (TG) 18 mg /dl. By looking at the benefits galactomannan in the food industry, health, environmental and economic value, this potential needs to develope.

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