Gamal (Glyricidia Maculata) Young Leaf Extract Control Cocoa Fruit Pentil Withers

Artikel Kakao Berita Perkebunan Highlight

ICECRD NEWS – Glyricidia plants as cocoa plants must be pruned regularly (2-3 times / year). The results of the pruning can be used as a source of body horon that is extracted from young leaves. Old leaves can be used as organic fertilizer for cocoa plants.

Cocoa nipple wilt can be controlled by utilizing protective leaf trimming waste ( Glyricidia ) which is made of liquid extract. With a one-time application it can save as much as 79-158 nipple fruit, so that cocoa fruit production can be increased to 129-258 / plant. (Anjas)

Read full text download: Young Gamal Leaf Extract with Cocoa Fruit Pentil Withers

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