Effectiveness of Several Types of N Fertilizer on Palm Oil Nursery

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ESTATE CROPS INFO -Slow release N fertilizer formula is needed to increase N efficiency. The purpose of this research is to study the effect of several types of N fertilizer on palm oil nursery using Inceptisols Bogor. The research was conducted at green house and laboratory of Soil Research Institute, Bogor. Experiment design used was Completely Randomized Design with 5 replications. The treatments were (1) Complete control, (2) Control without Urea (3) Urea pril (standar), (4) N + Zeolite 50%, (5) N + Zeolite 75%, (6) N + Zeolite 100%, (7) N + Zeolite + Chitosan 50%, (8) N + Zeolite + Kitosan 75%, (9) N + Zeolite + Kitosan 100%, (10) N + Zeolite + Humat 50%, (11) N + Zeolite + Humat 75%, (12) N + Zeolite + Humat 100%, (13) N-Humat 50%. dan (14) N-Humat 100%. Soil analysis parameters were total N (Kjeldahl method), available P (Bray I), Exchangeable Cation (Ca, Mg, K), cation exchange capacity (CEC) (NH4Ac extract pH 7), and Base saturation (BS). Agronomic observations were height plants in 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 months, biomass wet and dry weight, and nutrient uptake (N, P and K). The results showed that 75% N-Zeolite + Chitosan treatment significantly increased the height of oil palm crops in 9 months of 146.7 cm, biomass dry weight of 701.2 g pot-1 with RAE value 140% and nutrient uptake N, P, and K were 2,82, 0,25 dan 2,17 g pot-1, respectively. Dry biomass weight increased 22% compared with Urea standard. Formulation of N with Zeolite and coating with Chitosan Urea fertilizer efficiency up to 25%.

Keywords: Chitosan, palm oil nursery, several types of N fertilizer, slow release, zeolite,

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