Encouraging Cocoa Development And Productivity, IIBCRI Signs Mou With CSP

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The Ministry of Agriculture  continues to encourage the development of modern agriculture which is based on technological innovation. In the midst of the Covid-19 threat that affected all lines, the agriculture and plantation sectors were considered to be able to survive compared to other industrial sectors. Including in the plantation sector, various ways sought by the Ministry of Agriculture to boost productivity in order to meet the needs of domestic demand and glance at export opportunities so as to help restore the economic sector in this pandemic.

Friday (24/7) Head of Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI) Dr. Tri Joko Santoso, SP, MP signed a memorandum of understanding with the Cocoa Sustainable Partnership (CSP). CSP itself is a public or private communication forum that actively collaborates with stakeholders who are directly involved in sustainable cocoa activities in Indonesia. This collaboration was built to support the development of sustainable cocoa commodities. The development of this cocoa commodity will certainly pay attention to aspects such as the development of quality seeds, supply and use of fertilizers, facilitation of cocoa planting based on Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), as well as pest and disease control.

One of the factors determining the success of cocoa development is the support of the availability of superior and quality planting material. This is where the role of IIBCRI in efforts to increase cocoa production and productivity is through the provision of superior seeds. What’s more, cacao is a leading commodity owned by Balittri, in addition to 15 other commodities that are also studied. Cocoa Clone BL-50 which has been studied by IIBCRI is a superior variety because it has a very high production potential.

The Head of Center considered this to be a good start to build the same vision, namely to find the best formulation in the context of increasing the productivity of cocoa plants which would lead to the welfare of farmers and be able to respond to industry needs. This of course will be in line with the concept of the Double Track system launched by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development Ministry of Agriculture. “All research conducted by IIBCRI researchers is not only to meet the needs but also to meet the needs of industry and the welfare of farmers”, he stressed

Source: Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute

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