Tobacco Plant Product Diversification Other Than Cigarettes – Tobacco Essential Oil

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from plants by hydrodistillation (Ennajar et al. 2010; Zhang et al. 2012). Essential oils are a large group of vegetable oils in the form of viscous liquids at room temperature, but volatile so that they give a distinctive aroma. In general, essential oils are found in plant species that have a smell or aroma (Nurnasari and Subiyakto 2011a). Essential oils are volatile at room temperature, without decomposition, and are composed of elements of Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), and Oxygen (O) as well as elements of Nitrogen (N) and Sulfur (S) (Ketaren 1985).

Tobacco Essential Oil Extraction

Essential oils derived from plants are usually obtained by water distillation, steam distillation and solvent extraction. Distillation methods commonly used in essential oil production are water distillation and steam-water distillation, because these methods are simple methods and require lower costs when compared to steam distillation (Yuliarto et al. 2012). (Anjas)

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Source: Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers (Balittas)

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