Diversification of Tea Based Products in The Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – Tea is a popular beverage in the world that have health benefits. Over the period 2006-2016 the amount of tea production and consumption in the world increased significantly. International Tea Committee reported that amount of world tea production in 2016 reached 5.46 million tons with total consumption reaching 5. 1 million tons. However, the increase in tea production and consumption is not directly proportional to the selling price of tea in the market. The average price of tea at the auction house is around US $ 2.6 / kg. Indonesia is the 7th tea producing country with a contribution of 3% of total world exports. In 2016 Indonesian tea production reached 125,000 tons, down 7% compared to the previous year. Decrease the amount of tea production due to a decline in the area of tea and many converted into horticultural crops. The condition is worsen by the increasing cost of processing production in the plantation and in the factory so that the profit margin obtained is very low. Recently developments and technological breakthroughs have much role in developing diversified tea products so as to increase the selling tea products. The diversity of tea-based products have been widely applied in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as beauty cosmetic industries. Nevertheless, the stability of bioactive compounds such as tea polyphenols, catechins, theaflavins, and other bioactive compounds still a major issue. Further research is still needed to determine the stability of tea bioactive compounds during processing, packaging and storage, and during distribution to consumers. Utilization of other plant parts such as seed tea and flower tea needs to be done further research. The utilization is expected to support the tea industry tree and be able to increase the diversity of tea-based products in the future. This review we will summarize the diversification of tea-based products that have been widely commercialized on the market and have high selling points.

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