Sugarcane Farming Dilemma: A Case Study Of Smallholder Sugarcane In Malang

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – The Ministry of Agriculture has rolled out ratoon unloading and ratoon care programs, but the realization in the field is still low. For example in Malang Regency, in 2015 the realization of the ratoon unloading program only reached about 38%. The main obstacle is limited capital, given that farmers feel that with intensive care, productivity is still good. Patanas research data shows that productivity during 2009-2018 was relatively stagnant, ranging from 40 tons / ha.

This productivity is very low. If the ratoon is unloaded, at least the next 5 – 6 years sugarcane production will increase and can reach 100 tonnes / ha (PSEKP, 2018). The problem is that the credit package for unloading the ratoon cannot cover all the costs of the ratoon unloading activities, especially for the unloading of the ratoon (Rp 15 million) and planting costs (Rp 15 million / ha) and the procurement of seeds of around 7 – 8 million / ha if the farmers use the Bulu Lawang variety ( BL).  (Anjas)

Details on the link: Infotekbun-Sugar Cane Farming Business Dilemma

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