Serological and PCR Detection of Virus(es) Associated with Mosaic Sumptoms on Patchouli Plant (Pogostemon cablin Benth)

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Mosaic symptoms on patchouli plant are associated with several viruses, i.e. Potyvirus, Potexvirus, CMV, and BBWV2. The objective of the study was to detect virus(es) associated with mosaic symptoms on patchouli at the the patchouli seed nurseries, in Manoko, Cicurug, and Cijeruk. Thirty leaf samples either showing typical symptomatic mosaic or asymptomatic were taken from each location. Serological testing by Direct-ELISA and Indirect-ELISA using four antisera namely CMV, Cymbidium mosaic virus (CymMV), Potyvirus, and BBWV2 was carried out to test the incidence of each virus. Molecular detection by RT-PCR was performed to confirm the new virus(es).

The results showed that symptoms of virus infection were found vary, i.e. weak mosaic, green yellow mosaic, mosaic with thickening, mosaic with leaf malformations, and yellow spot. Based on the serological detection, virus(es) incidence varied at each seed nurseries. In Manoko, Potyvirus, and BBWV2 were more dominant (100%) compared with CymMV. In Cicurug, Potyvirus and CMV were more dominat (83.3 and 80%) compared with BBWV2 and CymMV. While in Cijeruk, BBWV2 was the most dominant (90%) than Potyvirus (50%) and CMV(13.3%).

Result of RT-PCR with degenerate primers pair of BBWV was succesfully identified BBWV2 from Manoko, Cicurug, and Cijeruk samples, whereas by using Potexvirus general primary, CymMV was identified only from Manoko samples. BBWV2 and CymMV were first reported to infect patchouli in West Java. The result indicate that virus(es) are the major constraint on patchouli seed that should be managed immediately. (\Miftakhurohmah, Gede Suastika, and Tri Asmira Damayanti)

Source : Jurnal Littri Puslitbang Perkebunan Vol. 19 No. 3, 2013

Download Fulltext: perkebunan_jurnal-littri_Vol19313_4.-Miftah.-ed.1.pdf

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