Clove Siantan Agribun: New Superior Variety From Anambas

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ICECRD INFO – The Anambas Islands Regency Government in collaboration with Balittro and the Center for Plant Seed and Plant Protection (BBP2TP) Medan conducted an assessment and determined the clove plantation in Tiangau Village, Siantan Island as a High Yield Block (BPT). The results of the selection of superior individual trees at BPT Tiangau, selected 20 parent trees (PIT) that were submitted for release. At the stage II variety release trial on October 18, 2019 in Solo, the Plantation Plant Variety Assessment Team (TPV) agreed to release 20 PITs of Tiangau cloves as superior varieties under the name Siantan Agribun.

The advantages of the Siantan Agribun clove variety, in addition to flower production per tree, other advantages are high uniformity, larger flower size (0.41 ± 0.02 g) than Zanzibar cloves, -caryophyllen content 20.26 ± 2.38 % and humulene 2.12 ± 0.33%.

The existence of new superior varieties, the availability of quality seeds for clove development in Indonesia is more secure. The potential of Siantan Agribun’s clove seeds reaches 50,000 seeds per year. The release of the Siantan Agribun clove variety as a new superior variety is expected to be widely used by clove farmers in Indonesia, so that in the end it can increase the production, productivity and quality of national cloves. (Anjas)

Download full text : Info Tekbun 12 (2) 2020 

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